How to Calculate Postage?

How are postage charges calculated?

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If you send goods from one place to another by the post office. If you don’t know how to do postage calculations then don’t worry we have brought it for you. How to Calculate Postage? So let’s find out how you can calculate the postage

The India Post has been moving your goods from one place to another for many years. The work of India Post is commendable. The work of the India Post department continued unabated even during the terrible epidemic like Corona. During the epidemic, the India Post delivered medicines and other supplies to millions of people on time. In fact, the work of the India Post department is commendable. India Post’s network is the largest postal network in the world.

  • You are charged for sending any item by post. This charge is called postage.
  • This fee is charged for the transfer of goods sent by post. Postal value depends on its weight, size, and distance.
  • India Post has provided a facility for this on its website.
  • First, you need to click on the website Now you see the Calculate Postage option.
  • Now you see the Send From and Send To options, you want to put the Pincode of your area under the Send From option. In the Send To option, enter the Pincode where you want to send the item.
  • Now you want to select the type of item or letter you want to send in the Article Detail section.
  • Then you want to measure the weight of your item or letter (in gms), length (in cm), width (in cm), and height (in cm).
  • Click on the Get Available Services option and click on the format in which you want to send your item.
  • Finally, after submitting Evaluate the Expression, click on the Get Price button. Now you see how much it will cost to send your item.

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