How to track Speed Post/ Registered Post consignment of India post

You may have sent an item or letter through the Indian Post Department but the item has not reached the person or you have received an SMS from the bank that your ATM Card, Checkbook, Passbook, or SMS from your district RTO office or your License, RC Book will be mailed to your address. Is. But when will it come, how far has it come, I received an SMS as Delivered but I still haven’t received it. If so, stop worrying because the Indian Post Department has a way too. So let’s find out.

Setp by step guide to tracking consignment in India post
Setp by step guide to tracking consignment in India post

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Track Consignment in India Post
  • Now you will see the track consignment option then you will see the consignment number option under it. In that box, you want to enter the consignment number. Now you may be wondering what is consignment number in post tracking? When you go to the post office and send an item by post, you are given a receipt. That receipt has this consignment number or in your SMS.
  • Note that the consignment number is 13 Digit Alphanumeric Number, now you will see this number in that box and you will see a code at the bottom, enter that code and click on the Search button.
Track any Speed Post Registered Post in India Post
  • Then when all the information is fetched, you will get the complete information about the item or letter, etc., when it reached, where it was dispatched according to the date and time.
Find your Speed Post

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