What exactly is POMIS? What are the benefits?

Post office monthly income schemes POMIS


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  • MIS facility has been introduced by the Central Government in the post office for the benefit of Indian citizens.
  • The MIS scheme is exclusively for senior citizens, the working class, and all other Indian citizens.
  • This is a great and safe way to make money every month.
  • In POMIS, your deposit gets an interest rate of 6.6% and the interest is credited to the account holder’s account every month.
  • The maturity period of POMIS is five years.
  • You can pay a minimum NSMIS (National Saving Monthly Income Scheme) of Rs. 1000
  • You can deposit a maximum of Rs. 4.5 lakhs in a single account and a maximum of Rs. 9 lakhs in a joint account.
  • POMIS account can be opened by one person or by two persons or by three persons.
  • If you want to close the Monthly Income Scheme account before the maturity period, this facility is available one year after the account is created.
  • After completing the five-year maturity period of the Monthly Income Scheme account, you can close the account by applying along with the passbook.

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